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16th January 2021

Positive News Article - Living Memories Online - January 4, 2021

The online archive helping elderly people beat lockdown isolation: Living Memories helps older people through lockdown by prompting them to reminisce about ‘the good old days’.
18th December 2020

Daily Mirror Article - Living Memories Online - December 4, 2020

An article published by the Daily Mirror about Living Memories and the importance of archive films in reducing loneliness and isolation.
15th November 2020

New Online Portal from Living Memories to Tackle Loneliness and Isolation

A new online portal from Living Memories takes its archive films service virtual using the intuitive Imagen digital asset management platform.
4th October 2020

The Elder Online Magazine Interview: Brian Norris, founder of Living Memories. April, 2020

An interview about the history Living Memories C.I.C. with founder Brian Norris which was published by The Elder online magazine.
4th October 2020

Using archive films to help trigger memories through shared memories.

Unique new interactive archive film streaming service launched by Living Memories Online to help trigger memories and form new friendships through shared memories.
27th March 2020

Blog by founder Brian Norris - Memory Corner - I wish I had asked...

Watching archive films triggers memories with older family members and may help to bring long-forgotten stories about your family to life.