Looking Back at the History of Travel

11th November 2022
Looking Back at the History of Travel

Come with us on a journey through the history and evolution of travel - the archive videos from Living Memories Online platform transport you across the world and through the years.

From the first passenger trains in the 1890s to the introduction of air travel, our collection of films are sure to bring back memories of family holidays and foreign adventures. Living Memories Online has a vast wealth of archive travel films, from home movies to promotional films from cruise and plane companies. You can also take a peek behind the scenes into the manufacturing of these great works of engineering, such as the construction of a Boeing 747 or this animation explaining how a car transmission works.

Here's a list of some of our favourite films from the travel collection:

  • Butlin's Holiday Camps 1950s - click here to view
  • 1960s Coach Travel Film featuring Johnny Morris - click here to view
  • Fishing in Scotland - click here to view